"But I'm a sunflower, a little funny If I were a rose, maybe you'd want me..." Yeah, that was the song I was addicted to at the time because it spoke to me. Still does. I was also exploring for new coffee shops to try at the time and stumbled upon this little cafe that … Continue reading Sunflower

Sleepy Texts

It was 9PM and I was still sitting in a cafe down the street. However, the place was jam-packed. People were coming in and out. Some were with their friends or colleagues working on whatever. Basically, they all had their own things to do and they were with somebody. I was, as usual, sitting by … Continue reading Sleepy Texts


To whom it may concern, Or maybe... it's just what I need right now. Your speed does not matter. As long as you are moving forward. As long as you do not give up. Resting does not mean you stop. It honestly is disheartening to see everyone around you is doing so well and there … Continue reading Forward