Story Time

Part 1

Sitting alone in a cafe by a big window. Looking outside, the sky is grey. She loves it. Watching different people passing by though losing in her own little world with all kinds of thought. What will she do today? How is her mood when she woke up this morning?

Oh, wait! What is her name? Venus sounds nice. The planet of beauty and love. What does she look like? Just a normal teenage girl. Or…maybe not. What is she like? She doesn’t know herself, too. She enjoys a quiet and peaceful time to herself, but sometimes also loves being surrounded by her few friends. (Why don’t you decide how she looks like and who she is?)

Look, it’s time to head to class! As she is getting up from her regular seat with coffee in her hand, flashback just popped into her head. Nah-uh! Not today, love. She opened the door, a breeze passed by her face; her hair is getting longer. If only someone knows the reason why she is growing it out. She used to always cut her hair short to shoulder length. The wind is quite unusual today or is it just her? The music playing outside is different. Lonely, yet soothing. Her surrounding environment is the same, but different. Missing the old her. She feels agonizing. Every letter in front of her is bouncing up and down vigorously out of the ordinary. Scarily.

Another morning ended.


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