Dying Your Hair At Home

Pandemic is still a thing. People still try cutting their own hair at home. Some are so stressed out that they decided to dye their own hair at home. (Although, I hope none of you bleached your hair yourself. Leave that to the professional. Seriously, bleaching your own hair can go very wrong. You don’t want to come out of this quarantine bald.)

I, myself is proud to say I have been dying my own hair for so many years. I think it started back in 2017. Do you guys remember when a Korean brand called April Skin took over the world by storm? I had always been wanting to have color hair because my natural hair color is pitch black. Oh boy, when April Skin first released their Turn-up Color Cream, I was ecstatic. At the time, I told my ex-boyfriend that I really wanted to change my hair color, but afraid my parents would flip out to see me with bright hair color. He was reluctant but then agreed. That time, I screwed up my face instead of my hair. I didn’t know how to dye my own hair at all. I got red-stained on my face near my hairline. We both didn’t know how to get rid of the stain besides wet tissue and rubbed it out. It didn’t work. It took days until the color on my skin faded. So yeah, be careful when you decided to dye your hair at home. Use some Vaseline if you’re messy. However, I am here to tell you that April Skin Turn-Up Color Cream is an amazing box dye. I swear. I am not sponsored. (April Skin, please sponsor me.) There is no horrendous smell. If anything, it smells fruity. I love it. But, the best thing about that product is the color pay off. I told you I have naturally black hair and the first time I dyed my hair was using a box dye. I used this color.


(I don’t use this box dye anymore, so I don’t have any photo of my own. I couldn’t find this product in my country at all ever since then. If I were to order from anywhere myself, the cost of shipping would be expensive. Sponsor me, April Skin. I love your brand. Hahaha!) 

Anyway, I couldn’t find the photo reference of myself in 2017 after I used this specific product and color. I purged everything after I broke up. Nevertheless, I can tell you that the color showed up on my natural black hair. It’s not red vibrant and not as flashy as it is shown in the picture above. It was subtle, but everyone noticed a change in me. They mentioned about my hair color. Good color for starters. 😉

Ever since then, I started dying my own hair more often and the only box dyes I bought were from the same brand and the same line. I loved it that much. The color pays off more on colored hair. Yes, you don’t have to bleach. You won’t achieve mermaid hair color that you desired though without bleach. My hair has never been pure crazy purple or pink. It doesn’t work like that unless you decided to go to the professional hairstylist and got your hair bleached by them. I also tried this hair lightener from April Skin.


That’s right, folk! I bought this in South Korea before I came back home. I used it there. No, my hair didn’t turn blond. Or close. The color pays off for this is disappointing. Oh look, I’m not biased against the brand. Probably because this blog is not sponsored. XD Under direct ceiling light, yes I looked that hard to find the color, it kind of was yellowish. Or more gold-ish. Still, you cannot see any difference from my brown hair. I did leave it on for 40 minutes like the instruction said. Therefore, if you are looking for a good box hair dye, I strongly recommend April Skin. It has a good smell, they have an amazing color range, especially if you have light hair color already. The best part is your hair will not be falling off your scalp. It has treatment for your hair after you dyed to leave a soft and silky texture. Yes, your hair will not be dried out or dead.

In addition, if you are like me and can’t get your hand on this brand. Here are some of the Korean hair dye that I have used over the years. I’ll insert a photo of my hair color after I used so many as well.

  • Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair ColoringScreen Shot 2020-05-29 at 4.24.06 PM

I had been using this before they changed the packaging until this new and improved formula. The color lasts longer than April Skin, but it leaves your hair a little bit sticky and dry after you shampoo. I will write another blog on how to take care of your colored hair.

You can get it here at Etude House Website.

  • 3CE Treatment Hair Tint


This one is the most similar to April Skin Turn-up Hair Color Cream.

You can get it here at Stylenanda Official Site. (I can be a little biased because I really want this brand to sponsor me even more than April Skin. Oh no, I love both. Any of the sponsors is fine.)

Anyway, the box hair dye I currently use is both of these from Etude House Hot Style Hair Coloring Bubble and the Treatment Hair Color.

  • Etude House Treatment Hair Color


Yes, I finally have a photo I took myself. Mine! By the way, these are my favorite colors from the line. Although, the color doesn’t last as long. They did mention the color only lasts a week, but I really wish it lasts much longer.

You can get it here at Etude House Official Site.

Like I promised, here are my hair color journey photos. Keep in mind that the color in the photo is not the same as in real life.


I think this is my hair after using Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring in the color either BR08 Natural Brown or OR08 Sweet Orange. I can’t remember. And, this photo was taken in 2018 meaning I already dyed my hair a lot of times for it to turn this shade of reddish-brown.


This was taken in December 2019. I’m not even sure what was the last color I actually used. It was still Etude House Hair Coloring Bubble, but the new and improved formula and packaging. I think it was color 7GR. Maybe… I’m so sorry. I have dyed my hair way too many times.

And finally, these were taken in May 2020. I remember clearly that the last hair dye I used was Etude House Hair Coloring Bubble in the color 10PK because I wanted to buy the purple one, but they did not have in stock. It has faded a lot already due to the wrong shampoo I’ve been using. Yes, the pattern here is that I can only find Etude hair dye in my country.

I’m planning on buying Tony Moly hair dye. If I can get my hand on one, I’ll update you guys if you’re interested.

Anyway, that’s my self hair dye journey. I hope it helps if you’re planning on dying your hair during this quarantine.  xoxo








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