Finally 20: Opinions on Growing up

Growing up sucks. But, whatever. It is cool. Kinda.

You lose people. A lot. Every second.

I had people calling me their best friend, only to turn around and stabbed me in the back real hard. Legit K.O.

I had more people calling me their best friend for a few months and never talked to me again. Kinda. We are way apart today.

I had more people calling me their best friend but never understood me. He/She is quite narcissistic. I felt very toxic sometimes in the past. Therefore, it is kind of a win situation for me that he/she ended our friendship. Though, I feel terrible because at the time I have like 3 friends in my life. Then, that just means I have even fewer friends in my life.

I had people calling me the love of his life and blah-blah-blah, but then turned around and has a new girlfriend when we just broke up for like a week. (I give him the benefit of the doubt that it was that long after our breakup.) You can say right after, I don’t care for all I know. It’s history now.

Why do people grow up anyway? You drift away from everybody. Your siblings get married and move out. Your childhood friends become strangers. Your so-called soulmate cut you off their life. Things get messy. You don’t know what to do in life. Basically, you are super lost. End of the story.

Actually, I wrote this when I was 19. So,… Update: I have 1 friend now. The other one also cut me off. Well, we drifted apart.

Moral of the story: It’s okay. Everything is fine. Everything is a part of growing up experience. Don’t dread over the past. It’s gone. Let it go. And as everyone knows that we are all in quarantine now. I have just one wish. For my application to go through and I finally get to see snow again.

Hopefully! Please, pray for me. It’s the one thing I love in this entire world; traveling solo and getting to meet new people. Starting over at a place where no one knows my name is thrilling. And maybe I get to meet my Autumn narcissistic again? :* Hahaha!

Anyway, take care and stay safe people! xoxo



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