My Current Playlist

Honestly, this lockdown really gets to me. I am so bored, so my thoughts run wild recently. I mean I am introverted, but I am also an overthinker. Therefore, my anxiety definitely creeps in when I have nothing to do. (I do have but I procrastinate. College is not fun and not to mention switching to online actually decreases my productivity by 70%. Hohoho!)

If you also have nothing better to do and want something to calm your mind (basically intensify the pain when you overthink), so here is my playlist that no one asks for. Look, I just want to get these feelings out of my system, okay? I am sorry. xo *panda emoji* I just learned from my long-distance friend the other day that panda means hug. She is still so cute. By long-distance, I mean far far away. *sob* She’s my foreign friend I made during my exchange program. Shout out to her! xoxo

Okay, here is my playlist whether you care or not.

  1. Julia – Jeremy Zucker
  2. That’s us – Anson Seabra
  3. Please – Jeremy Zucker ft. Chelsea Cutler
  4. Scared – Jeremy Zucker ft. Chelsea Cutler
  5. All the kids are depressed – Jeremy Zucker (MOOD; BIG MOOD)
  6. Not ur friend – Jeremy Zucker
  7. Talk is overrated – Jeremy Zucker ft. Black bear
  8. 3:00AM – Finding Hope
  9. Sometimes – Jeremy Zucker ft. Chelsea Cutler
  10. Crazier Things – Chelsea Cutler
  11. It’s you – Ali Gate
  12. You were good to me – Jeremy Zucker ft. Chelsea Cutler
  13. Make you mine – Public
  14. Without you – Finding Hope
  15. Always I’ll care – Jeremy Zucker
  16. Someone you loved – Lewis Capaldi

Yeah, there is definitely a pattern here. I am currently into Jeremy Zucker right now. His songs are so relatable. I don’t know why. There is nothing special happened in my life recently just so you know. I don’t know. I am enjoying his music. Oh, I also was into Jeffrey Chang at the beginning of this year. His originals are wonderful. Check him out as well. This is Jeffrey’s YouTube channel and his original playlist.

Talk to you later! xxxxx

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