Things to Consider During Pandemic Outbreak

I am certain many of you are already aware of the Coronavirus that has only been getting worse each day. It is normal to be worried about such unpredictable outcomes, but there are a few things that I do not think will contribute any help during such an event.

Like I said before, it is okay to be afraid of dying but it is not alright to abandon humanity. We are all nervous about our wellbeing, but what about others? They are also human and they also have feelings. If you are privileged enough to have a shelter to protect yourself, please consider those who are not fortunate like you. There are thousands of homeless people out there who are frightened of getting infected, too. This is the fight the whole world is in together. With me coming from the third-world country, I have seen elders out there barely earning any living at all to purchase food and medical supplies for themselves during such catastrophe. I am fortunate enough that my family could provide me stuff I require for surviving, but most prices of goods are increasing gradually. We do not know how long this outbreak will last and the economy is going to hit rock bottom just like it did in 2008 if the pandemic lasts long enough. In this period, it is not solely the government’s responsibility to look after us citizens, we have to help each other as well. Increasing the price of essential goods is not a way to survive. You cannot get rich this quickly. The only end result will be that the whole country gets infected since only the rich could buy medical supplies. Hoarding all the food and masks all you want because, at the end of the day, there is no use for you with your ten thousand surgical masks. The homeless will be there to spread the virus to you because they do not have anything to protect themselves.

Another thing to take into account is about us young people panicking. We are so scared of dying that we could not think rationally to stop ourselves from stocking on toilet papers. We raided the entire grocery store just because we could. What about the elders? We know they are prone to the virus, yet we think only of ourselves. The elderly do not have the energy to stock up the goods as fast as we youngsters could. Then, what else is in stock at the grocery store for them? Empty shelves, that is. What if that is your parents standing there in the empty grocery store? Don’t you feel just a little guilty at all? What if it is because of you that those grandparents get infected? You technically robbed them of their health and wellbeing. Your selfishness caused this. I know that it is important to stock enough supplies during the pandemic outbreak, but there is a fine line between stocking enough and hoarding. You do not need that many hand sanitizers. You only need just enough for you and your family. Learn to share. If you actually have 1000 toilet rolls sitting in your living room then please actually give a few to the homeless and elders in your neighborhood. They need it as well. Don’t panic since it doesn’t help anyone.

Stay calm. Stay clean. Self-distance yourself for awhile. Remember to wash your hands regularly. Be informed. Sharing is caring. Help each other out. And, don’t increase the price of the necessity good.


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