“Goodbye, goodnight, see you again someday

In the evening, we waved hands

Not knowing where we’re returning to,

We just walked

As if returning from the cold rain

Taking a short breath in the shadow I ran into

The waning moon falls into darkness

Even though I should be able to easily remember your smiling face

The falling tears seep out bit by bit

Sleepless night, the sky I looked up at

The swaying airglow burns my body

If I shut my eyelids, there’s the sea of memories

I sink deeply and reached out my hand

Unchanging for thousands of years, I’ll wait for you…”


I took a break from writing without notifying anyone. I just don’t feel like posting my thoughts online anymore. A lot of people in real life found out about this blog. It’s not that I am ashamed of my content. Or maybe I actually am because it is not professional enough. It is just me ranting after all. I just don’t want anyone finding out this part of me. I just don’t want them knowing me like that. I go through life by assuming no one cares about me. They are just curious. If I ever let anyone in close enough, they will use their knowledge of me and stab me in the back. I am not pessimistic. It just happened multiple times. Therefore, I am leaving for now. Maybe I will come back here when I am actually happy. Maybe I will find someone who genuinely cares about me and make me feel safe enough to open up again. Who knows? As long as I am alive, there is a possibility, right? Thanks to those who had been reading my blog all these years. Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope it is a wonderful year ahead for you.




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