Let them go

In life, you will meet all types of people whether they entered your life only to teach you a valuable lesson and parted way to never be seen again afterward or built you up, yet still left. Basically, every person you met along the way in life is temporary. Some may stay longer than the others, but there is no together forever.

The most difficult part is not watching people exit your life, but to let them go because they are toxic.

“You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness. We all have our own ecosystem to look after.” – Jaiden Animation

Therefore, if you ever found yourself in this situation below, then it is time to say goodbye to the human who made you feel this way.

“A short version is that I did try my best. I usually asked how your day went, offered you food, talked to you whenever I got a chance, shared with you little stories, so we could laugh… “That’s how to make friends guide 101.” Well I guessed, it did not work at all. I thought we were friends. You literally threw my sincerity into a trash bin and turned around to rubbed your disgustion in my face. I had enough of your inhuman behavior. People need to know that I might have a lot of patience and forgiving heart, but once I am done with you; I hate you into bits and pieces. The scissor you handed me, I am very pleased to cut our tie and watched you drowned when Karama comes around to fuck your life up 180 degrees.”

Unfortunately, life is not that obvious about who is not good for you. There is a much complicated version that we often find ourselves unable to let the one we love go. Occasionally, we are put in a situation that we have to force ourselves to walk away because the person does not reciprocate our feeling. There is not right or wrong in this context. He may give you hope or you may overthink it and let your emotion runs wild. Whatever the circumstances, distance yourself because you are not wanted. Do not upset yourself on purpose for the sake of unreal connection. Unless someone comes along and claim you, you are free to go on about your business.

I stumbled upon a quote the other day that really speaks aloud…

“Let it all go, let see what will stay.”

Take yourself on a date, sister. You are a fully capable, independent, and completed queen on your own. You have survived all the battles solely so far, of course you can continue this journey of life. You can be happy alone without depending your happiness in the palm of others.


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