Giving You Crappy Advice

Good morning, readers! I am just here with my head full of trains of thought. Therefore, before the year ends, I am going to write my heart out with what I believe is a piece of crap advice that no one asks for. Or more like me ranting, but whatever.

Fighting a battle I no longer speak out loud because if I do; There won’t be any good outcomes.


Does it still hurt? No.

Does it still upset you? Sometimes.


Forgive? Yes.

Forget? Pretend they don’t exist.

Pray for their best? I don’t care.

Thoughts? Whatever occurred, occurred.

One day, I will smile from the inside out as well. One day, I will open up again. One day, I as well am going to have my best Christmas. I no longer walked in the rain cluelessly for only to see a betrayal from afar. Perhaps the soonest will be this year. It’s okay to be next year or the next one. God sees everything. He will put you back together right in front of those who stabbed you in the back. They will see what they had lost because the best miracle that they could ever have in their life is now somebody else’s who treasure him or her with their life.



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