Society Made Me Do This

I am not one to explain myself because I am too weak to confront people and I am also lazy to bother doing it. That is how I got my reputation I guess because people assume and I do not always know what they think of me in their head.

It was the same thing back in middle school and high school. I never did explain myself and even if I did no one would believe me as things already went downhill when I realized it. Therefore, I want to act on it this time around before I get another reputation again. Although I know I am late to the party as always since I couldn’t care less about anything and everything. I am the type to think that I won’t see those people in the next 5 years or even 5 months as they are not my type of group anyway. Thus, I kiss them goodbye already in my head.

Now, who am I?


Well, I am just another female on this planet and I am different from the rest. For one is that it always appears I know everything but I actually don’t. I may sound like an expert in reading people even though I am not that amazing. I can tell what the person is like from their behavior but when it comes to my own personal problem, I cannot tell their opinion on me so I just assume the worst possible one. I act like I do not care when in reality I do, just a little bit though. It does not affect me internally and it does not run deep at all. I get over it in like 3 minutes. I guess that is what I love about myself. However, this is the issue at hand as you can tell by the fact that I am writing this at 1AM.  I just have to get this out of my head anyway.

Back to the topic, haters can smear my name easily. My charisma skill sucks due to my introvert personality. I like to put the blame on that, so… More. If there is any Taurean out there, please confirm that we are definitely flirty people. It runs in our blood and shows in the way we communicate. My mom raised me to be a polite, understanding, caring, and kind person. We give a helping hand to those in need and to our friends and family. Umm… society just takes it the wrong way I guess. Or maybe I am actually flirty without noticing sometimes. I can tell that later on though… So… I apologize if I ever led you on. I was just responding to you normally from my end. Additionally to the girls, just stop feeling the threats already. I have no interest in taking over your “territory”. If that is your man, then trust him that he’s not gonna leave your butt. A relationship builds on trust and you know that, correct? A man will stay if he wants to. And, if he doesn’t, let him go because he’s gonna leave you for someone else one day. That someone is not me, so get over it. Another type of girl I would like to address is those who do not have a man, but you know a cool and popular girl. Like come on, we are not in high school anymore. I have been there and seen it all. What are you guarding? An army? Hahaha! I am still not interested in the spotlight. Dang, I am not even good looking enough to steal your boys. (Hold on, I need to do this real quick. Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss XD) If you feel threatened, I am honored then. Weird flex, but you are worse. I have grown old, so the popularity thing is tiring. Having 20 people following you around sounds awesome and all, but I just want genuineness in my life. You can do whatever you want, but subtle bullying is not cool. You may not realize it, but your action is crystal clear to me. I told you I have been there. Well not really, like I mentioned I hate confrontation, but I refer to everyone in general if you happened to read this, please consider that your action has consequences.

I cannot stand fakeness.

I cannot stand anyone who intentionally feels the need to eliminate people from the circle just because they are used to the spotlight.

I cannot stand the subtle shading just because they want to make themselves feel better.

I definitely cannot stand anyone who addresses the issues of bullying and kindness whatsoever just for the sake of their public image when in reality they could not care less about anyone but themselves.

I despise those who want attention and love so bad that they no longer act out of genuineness. 🙂 (I really want to puke seeing their fakeness that they do not see themselves as they are blinded by their performance to the point they think it is real.) 

One last thing I want to put out there in case you all think I am hiding my social status is that I am not what you made me out to be. I am from a middle-class family. We do not live in a secluded area of town. We definitely do not own a mansion or a villa, sorry to disappoint you if you approach me because you think I have a class in this country. I am not filtering anything on my social media in case you think I am. We all post things when we look our best just like any normal users in these days and age?! I suppose my mom raises me so well that you think I am from one of those “rich and classy” family. Indeed, my grandmother and mother care about how I carry myself since we have rules and values. They also guide me about the closet manner and everything, so… There you go. All I can share with you. Just like I repeated myself a hundred times, I do not like explaining myself because it is tiresome and useless. We all believe what we only want to believe.



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