Life is Okay.

Some people say life is terrible.

Some say life is good.

It all depends on where you are at the moment. Everyone has their own stories to share and not many are fortunate enough to have a pair of ear ready to listen to them. A simple question but if you ask with genuine caring perhaps might change someone’s life and that is, “How is life?”. It could open up to so much more.

“Life is terrible.”

Occasionally, we fail whether it is a career, school, or you just lost someone who is dear to you. We made bad decisions eventually because how could we say we tried something new if we never failed? It could feel overwhelmed for a certain period. There are so many possible reasons why the person thinks life is terrible from their point of view. In addition, it is quite sad that I heard from many people I have met that they think life is unfair or horrific. I’m not assuming everyone as in people my age (young, you may have guessed) since I hang out with people a lot older than me as well and I have listened to their stories and opinions. There are people out there in their late adulthood have a very strict idea that you just can never win in life unless you have this and that. It is a very toxic perspective and surely it kills them alive. Then, there is a collective group who thinks that if they persevere, they will succeed. Truly, that is a piece of good advice to share with others, especially younger people like me except they don’t do it themselves. One thing is that they complain about their lives and only look back onto their past and feel bad for themselves like all the time. They never cherish the present. They hold on to their bitter life and only the negative memories they had.

Okay, let me the youngster tell you something.

No matter how hard you try to be there for this person, how many times you try to cheer them up, how nice you treat them, they will never cherish you sincerely. I have been there. They will only come to you to suck the energy out of you until you are drained and that you think you did not do for them enough because they are stuck onto their toxic ground. They will turn around and do the exact same thing about feeling sad for themselves and pitied their little life. If they do not choose to look on the bright side, their life will forever be miserable even when they are buried. If you hang around them any longer, surely life will be terrible for you as well. This kind of person knows how to make you feel guilty and you will always be the person to blame for everything. Of course, life will always be atrocious to them.

Nobody can save you unless you save yourself.

“Life is good.”

I admire people who can say that. Maybe they just achieved something that they have been working hard for. Maybe something wonderful just happened to them whether it is marriage, promotion, or a holiday. Possibly, that love confession was a success and now they are with their crush. It is something that just made their day. We love the positive energy and that spreads around magically. I can’t think of anyone for this segment right now, unfortunately… Although, this piece of writing is inspired by my favorite author and his name is Connor Franta. You may have heard of him. He wrote A Work in Progress and I just finished reading that book. I LOVE IT. I have been putting off for months tried not to finish it because it is so good and I never want it to end. Anyway, the reason I mentioned him because he is a positive person I can think of. The way he sees this world inspires me in life. There is one video or Instagram, either one I forgot, where he mentioned how life is great for him. He finally jumped back on his old hobby which is running. Additionally, the last chapter of the book, he also stated about his life when he followed his dream to pursue a creative career which he does not know where this might take him in the future, but he loves what he is doing now and it is the best thing ever. It is a privilege thing to blurt out because not many can utter that sentence. A life with no regret.

“Life waits for no one. 

-Connor Franta 

What about me?

Life is okay for me. There are good and bad days. My life is general is quite boring I would say. I don’t live life on the edge. I definitely do not have a spontaneous lifestyle. These days, I am always looking for exciting new journeys. I do get tired of the dullness. I desire a fresh new start in life. We are growing each and every day after all. A perfect balance between peacefulness and fun, is that too much to ask? Can you tell the kind of person I am and my perspective on life just by these photos?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Enough about me and my ideology. What about you? How is life? 🙂

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