Hi, my name is Adult. And, this is what I look like.


Not sure if you can see me or not, but this is what I prefer. In case, I get bullied or hated again.

The sad part is that this is what reality is like. People get judged by their physical appearance and empty social status in society. You are respected by your bank account and “fame” on social media. As we grow older, our greeting is just, “how have you been? What is your career? Where have you been on your last holiday? Did you travel anywhere new?” and such. We are so focused on striving to be on top that we lose track of what we actually enjoy. We do not know what actually fulfills us anymore. We believe that making 5 digits is the goal and everybody is moving at such an incredible pace. I am only 19 and I already question about economy and taxes. Society makes us feel like we have to know it all. If that’s the case, please teach us how to do taxes once we reached 15 instead. There is this invisible string that pulls us to see and compare ourselves with our friends and strangers on the Internet who are “successful”. They are like the perfect human being who has the body and the success where success here is defined as having millions of dollars in their bank account and on their 10th vacation this year to Hawaii. Don’t get me wrong because I am also one of the victims who feel depressed that I am still doing nothing. I always feel like I have to do more. If I am not hustling and bustling, I feel like I will fail in life and the clock is already ticking.

Why are we like this? The next time you meet your friends, just start the conversation with, “How is the economy?” I am certain it will create a very interesting dialogue. Just do it for no reason. We all need to take a deep breathe and clear our head. Get grounded for a moment. In these days and age, you don’t have to be 30 years old to be an adult. You will just be told that you are a little bit late since all the “youngsters” are achieving so much already. Trust me, google the baby who earns millions of dollars. One will pop up for you to feel like crap. Enjoy life! xoxo

In all honesty, it is okay. You are doing a great job surviving. Everyone has their own life journey. We are all unique in our own ways. You can’t just go and compare different paths.

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