7 Years Down the Road

What will happen in the next seven years? Will your action today result in the consequences of the next few years ahead? Are you able to bear the responsibility to come?

We are young. We do things on impulse. It can be said that this is our blessing because not many elders can follow their heart. Although not many of us youngsters can keep going. We eventually give up when things get difficult. We hate to feel the pain, so we retreat. Anyhow, God is fair. In the end, we all left with nothing but the memories that carved deep inside our heart; whether it is a sweet or bitter one.

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Blogging is nice because you can look back at who you were yesterday. Photos are subjective. (Don’t look too deep into any photos because they have nothing to do with my thoughts writing.) Just like everybody else, I deleted painful memories. The harsh reality is that you can delete text, phone number, photo, and video, but you can never erase memories and feelings. It sucks, honestly. We all want justice. We all want the person who caused us pain to feel the exact bitterness we have felt over the years. However, what good does that do? Nothing. You will just feel even worse than before. Maybe. Every story has two sides. Ours and theirs. And then, there is the truth. Which should be taken into consideration? Nobody has the answer to this question still. We sometimes ignore and let the past be the past and move on. Other times, we forget about it and forgive to reconcile. Will real life be like the movie?

There are people out there who are torn between starting over and be reminded of their past to hold on.

I feel bad for them. It must be an extremely rough time in their life. The only hope for them is that God has a plan. Only time will tell. We all know our decision today may affect the consequences in the next 7 years. Of course, people change, but feelings? Only time will give us the answer.

To those struggling, I have a beautiful song to share with you. Title: 如果没有你. Look it up on YouTube.

It is about…

“Hey, I really miss you
Right now, it’s beginning to rain outside the window
My eyes are dry but I feel like I want to cry
I don’t know where you are right now…”

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