Reminder in your 20s

  1. You can’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else chapter 30.
  2. Everyone’s life has different purposes. You can’t just follow their exact footsteps.
  3. Just because you are slow does not mean you are failing.
  4. Life would be so boring and meaningless if everyone is doing the same thing.
  5. It is okay to feel lost. It is okay if you feel like you are not enjoying what you are doing right now. You can always take a different turn if you think you are not doing what you love. It is never too late to be starting a new journey.
  6. Just because you are working on completely different things from everybody else in the group does not mean you are a failure in that department.
  7. Do not compare yourself to others.
  8. If they judge, let them. Not everybody has the privilege in this world. If they say anything, they are the bad guys. Nobody should ever make you feel small for you doing you without laying any harms of others.
  9. Keep going even if you feel lost. In this world, we are all working on finding ourselves with trials and errors.
  10. One day, all the detours and confusions will make sense. Surround yourself with love. Ensure your circle is making you a better person. Your circle should be there for you without any agenda. 30F42B6B-034E-42A3-BCA4-79839630DF57.jpg

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