Being Single

Let me start off with this first. Don’t ever jump into a relationship just because you want to get over someone. And, don’t date because you feel lonely.

One reason is that you might hurt an innocent person because of your selfishness. Another reason is you still feel incomplete. Maybe your ex hurt you so bad that you feel unbearable even after weeks, months, or years after you guys separated. Therefore, you feel like you are in this eternity loop of missing them and feeling like crap. Well, it is not entirely true as the process of moving on varies from person to person. Some may take months and others possibly years until one day they meet someone who shows them true love does exist. So… learn to be on your own for the meantime and love yourself. Take care of your well being. Go out and take chances. You never know when you meet that soulmate of yours. Could be tomorrow or this week. Wasn’t that how you got into a relationship in the past? It just naturally happened correct?

Personally, I am still traumatized by the past. Sorry to say. 😀 However, I am opened to try once more because it’s been years or days if you counted all my failed “hangouts” because they all failed. Either they were not brave enough aka “too busy” at the moment or just wanted to “hang out” and ended up parted ways as time passed. And let me tell you the most interesting one was I got played before there is any DTR. Good job, males these days. Well done.

And, people ask me why am I still single saying I still miss my ex-boyfriend because we dated long enough in my society. Basically a few years. Can I get an applause for that? Ugh!

I am incredibly used to being on my own at this point in life. I took myself out. I saved money whenever I want to shop. I drink my favorite coffee at my favorite coffee shop. Any place that is beautiful and calm. I am not scared to walk back home late at night because I lived in a safe city at the time. I meant being single is not horrible.

IMG_3776Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

You don’t always need a relationship to be content. Yeah, it is nice to have someone to share the moment with and all, but until the right person comes along, learn to be happy on your own first. It begins with you.


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