Near or Far

“Long-distance relationship sucks.”

Before you leave and jump into conclusion, please hear me out first.

You do not know what the other person thinks or feels anymore. I know the cliche saying that you have to trust. It is a sure sign when you can feel it in your heart, but to what extent can you really follow your heart here. Your heart only knows that you love the person, so you feel all warm and flutter inside. It is just you alone who overthink and overlove. You are the only one that misses the person so much whenever you feel lonely and faces difficulty. You want to share every bit of the moment with him/her. Sometimes, you can appear way too clingy with this overwhelming love. Then, you try to stop yourself from spamming their inbox like a crazy lady. And I can assure you here that you did it right my dear. Do not send the message. Sit back and work on whatever assignment and study you have to do. Be your own individual. You will not regret not sending any stupid text messages. You will only thank yourself when you look back on the past that you are classy and not desperate.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Chances are they do not reciprocate and they are not obliged to return the love. It is not the same as lending money and getting back the amount you lend. Feelings cannot be forced. The reality is that even if you see the person every day, you still have no clue what he/she is thinking. Therefore, imagine when you both are thousands of miles apart and the only form of communication you guys have are exchanging a few texts and phone call for like 5 minutes in your spare time; can you tell what they feel? No. Of course not. It is scary and extremely risky.

I know there are couples out there who are in a long distance relationship for years and I can see that they genuinely love each other. I applaud for them. Huge respect to you guys for overcoming all the obstacles so far. ❤ It is not easy to build a relationship which you cannot see your loved one on a daily basis. Additionally, it does not work out for me so far. One being you cannot win the heart when there is someone else who can take care of the person in time of hardship. The other is just misleading and confusion. Basically, distance does matter. When you are nearby and able to go through tough times together, something sparks. Does that make sense? The little things combined together create a beautiful and memorable moment.

You can never win that. What you can do is walking your own designated path. Your time will come.

Just something I felt at the time. 

Yes, the title is the same as a song called Near or Far. Please go and listen, it is a gorgeous song. It is what I was listening to almost all the time. xx

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