Officially 19!

And just like that, another year has passed.

I am older by a year once again. Cheers to my last year of being a teen. Get it? Nine “teen”. Okay, I’ll take myself out.

It is honestly dreadful. Not the growing old part, but the hectic life. Drama. Losing friends. Feeling I am falling behind in life because everywhere I look somebody is achieving things. Fire! Legit fire. Dang it neighbor, be extra careful, please?!

Never mind, I’ll stop complaining here. Let’s talk about something else that is positive and beautiful.

I am still young, let’s be honest here. 19? I still have a long, long way to go in this journey called life. However, I also do not have not that much time left to get my life together. Preparing for the future to have a comfortable life with no worry whatsoever. Oh boy, just close your eyes for a second; Bomb! Rent due. Electricity bill due. Income tax. So on and on. So yeah, work hard and plan ahead. That’s me. Kinda. I am leaning more toward the creative field, but I am not sure just yet. What I do like currently is getting ready, putting together an outfit, and dolling up to explore a quiet and aesthetic coffee shop to work on my assignment and life in general. Sitting there for hours and being productive. I enjoy that moment. It is calm and therapeutic in a way. I value the time where I am carefree and exploring gorgeous places on this earth.

(Sharing one of my favorite places with you guys! xoxo)

In conclusion, what I learned after turning 19 is …

“Whenever you feel stressful, take a step back from the situation. Put on nice clothes and go for a walk. You may come up with a solution during your break or even if you don’t, you will feel a lot lighter.” (Yep, work both literally and metaphorically.) 😉 

Cheers to another year!

Thank you, family, for the love and attention this morning! I woke up with a migraine and couldn’t go to school this morning. I think your wishes healed my illness as I was able to go to school in the afternoon. ❤

I am counting my blessings and you, readers should also do the same. xx



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