If you are not happy, move. 

You are not a tree. Your roots are not stuck in the deep ground. If you feel like crap, then do something about it. Don’t just sit there winding like a 2-year-old.

In this modern society, I know it is not easy. However, I do believe that when there is an individual who will start a revolution, something may alter. One small decision at a time can definitely add up to something greater. It is obvious that if you just do nothing, of course, everything is going to stay the same. Obvious, correct?

On the other hand, what if you have anxiety? It is going to be worse, I am telling you that much. Abort Mission. Abort Mission. That is what your brain tells you half the time. You get ignored? They hate you. You end up thinking of the worst outcome possible. The silver lining here is that you will never be disappointed as you never expect anything from anyone ever. Though, you get skeptical when someone is being nice to you. What is their agenda?

The question is “Why do humans do all of these things?”.

One word. Two syllables. Belong.

I am certain that we all just want to feel like we fit in somewhere. The feeling of rejection is a no go. That weird kid at school who people make fun of because he or she is alone? Yup. The odd ones out. (Reference intended) I do not know why or how someone is categorized to be different from the rest, they just somehow are one. Like you walk into the room and automatically you are not the same as everybody else. Is there some kind of force that pushes you?

This one single word is so powerful. To belong somewhere or to belong to someone. It either breaks or makes you.

So, how does being not belonged somewhere break you?

Well, you feel like poop. You question your own existence. Existential crisis, am I right? 😀 Why am I not the same as everybody else in this building? How do I make friends? How do I find my own group? Where do I belong here? Why am I so lonely? I just want to be like others. How to fit in with the rest of society? What do I need to do to be normal? Am I a weirdo?

Unfortunately, that just stage one. The realization that you are odd. Or maybe you are not and that is how the world makes you think you are. If you do not do something about it and later on it gets worse.

Then, you decided to accept that is the way you are. Sometimes, you have dark thoughts. The hollowness inside you seriously eats you inside out. It becomes alarming. The sense of feeling like you do belong in this world is real. All you can think of is why you are alive. What is your purpose in this universe? No one likes you. No one loves you. Even if you are gone, the time is still moving. The earth is still rotating. Then, your mind drifts back to the past. The only person who genuinely loved you is no longer on this planet. You could go on and try to live, but it is meaningless.

Remember this. When you bully someone; when you kick someone out of the group; when you neglect someone for no good reason; when you gossip about someone because you think you are way out of their league; when you make fun of someone; when you laugh at someone; when you hate on someone; so on and so forth, ask yourself this question, “Do you realize how much damage you cause to that person mentally?”

What if other people do this to your family member? Would you be happy about it? Are you proud of your action now?

That person you bullied even if it is not in the form of violence. Even if it is not physical. Know that mental bullying is 100 times worse than physical. Maybe you did not realize that your deed is harmful to that person, think before you act. What good comes out from your gesture?

As an old soul, I honestly believe that lack of face to face communication is hurting our society. More and more people suffer mentally and they rarely speak out loud. You see happy faces everyday, never once you know what they are carrying inside.


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