Whenever you are down, remember that you can be vulnerable. You are allowed to cry and complain. Release all those emotions and pains because you are not weak because you have feelings.

And once you are done, look around you and see what you like or would like to do. Be opened to try new things. Pick up old hobbies. Choosing things that broaden your horizon. See what takes you to another universe that you could not believe is out there for you to experience. There is magic. Be creative.

Don’t you dare think you are alone. There are endless possibilities you are yet to discover. I promise you that you will understand the power of not giving up.

From me,

The moment I discovered books was truly magical. I entered the world of someone else which I felt as if it was my own. When I relate to the main character, I feel for the first time I am not alone. I escaped everything into the world of endless possibility. I know there is an ending of delightfulness; for those reasons why are why a novel is my favorite genre. Sometimes you do not need motivation or inspiration, you know? You just need an escape.

However, let’s be honest. It is just you need someone who understands and accepts you for who you are. The power of acceptance is scary. It can manipulate you since you are desperate to feel like you belong somewhere.

The sentence does not connect to one another. It probably makes no sense.