“Sunset is proof that even ending can be beautiful, too.”

I cannot remember where I saw this quote. It is either on Facebook or Instagram. I would not say I relate to this quote or have a special feeling about it. It does not speak to me that much. Although, I love the scenery when the sun is setting. It is stunning.

Last year was the year I saw the many beautiful sunsets. It was like I was waiting for the moment each and every day. I am such an old soul. LOL. The perfect scene I could imagine at the moment is walking down the beach at dusk, hand in hand, and we’ll stop to see the sunset on the other side of the ocean. Okay, I’ll take myself out. It is cringy enough.

“I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn.” 

Gotta throw my favorite song in there. 😀

Sometimes it is melancholy. Other time, it is calming. You never know what mood it will bring you. Could be depending on how your day was so far. However, to me, even sadness is beautiful in its own way.


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