It is not a common thing to have a full-blown cafeteria at any schools in my country. Or would you call a bunch of food stalls in one place a cafeteria? Throughout kindergarten to high school, I was not privileged enough to enjoy what is called a canteen. I am not complaining because I do not like the atmosphere of it one bit.

During my exchange program, I finally got to experience a school life with a cafeteria offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I called that place a popular kid hangout because eating all by yourself in a crowded and noisy place is surely fun. Watching people gathering with their circle enjoying their meal while you are sitting alone like a sore loser is my kind of cafeteria.

Absolutely correct. Mainly the definition is inspired by movies. Although sadly enough, that was my true experience. I am not good at making friends, needless to say keeping them around is impossible. I do not know how to be a friend and that is the struggle I am dealing with.

Another reason I do not enjoy the canteen is the food. It was okay, but not the best. Sometimes I feel like the food is not worth the money because they give you too little for how much you paid for. It was never the best just a decent meal. I’d like to assume it is not the worst out there for what my school offered. Here is an example:Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

(I think that looks alright.) Perhaps that was the best lunch that day among the other. LOL

Anyway, my exchange program has ended when you are reading this. I am already back in my home country when this post is published.

Home Sweet Peperroni Home! xx

Oh, by the way, Happy New Year Eve! ❤

Location: Solbridge Cafeteria 2nd floor, Dong-gu – Samseong-dong