How do you guys spend your day at the beginning of a new month? Is it depends on what day of the week it is? Still, even if you have work or school, you can arrange a few hours at a restaurant, correct?

I will not go out unless I really have things to do. On the first day of a new month, I had an errand to run. Fixing my life aka my laptop. I definitely do not have a life at all. Huh. Besides going out to get food because I am living on my own, I will be just cozying up in my room. Except for my room here is not cozy, it is disgusting. Maybe I should take my family’s words and move to a hotel. A nice hotel. However, it is expensive and I am talking about a really expensive price mark.

By the time you are reading this, I left Daejeon and I had traveled to Incheon for work and currently, I am in Seoul. That is why I am complaining about where I am staying. It is not even cheap and not worth the money at all. Please suggest me a nice hotel in Seoul with reasonable price in the comment section below. I want to stay in Songpa neighborhood by the way.

Anyway, this was how my day went.

I went to an Apple service and had lunch nearby at Tour Les Jours. I am so jealous that the store here in South Korea has Bingsu and not in my country. Let me tell you, it is very delicious. I can’t have enough Bingsu. Dang it, Winter!

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After that, I just went back to my dormitory and that’s it. I told you I don’t have a life at all. Don’t let my social media fools you. Or you can already see that I don’t have a life on my Instagram as well.

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(Woosong East Campus)

Food: Bingsu red bean flavor

Location: Tour Les Jour, Seo-gu – Tanbang-dong, Daejeon, 633 Gyeryong-ro