Would you believe me if I said that a kid knows how to live life better than we do?

They can make friends easily. They know how to have fun. They know what makes them happy. They are living in the moment and enjoying every single second of it.

As we grow older, we start losing focus on what is in front of us at the present moment. We either carry the baggage of the past or try way too hard worrying about the unforeseen future. We neglect those who are with us at the moment in life because to us they are a blurry image. When every second passed, we cannot take them back. Then, why are we still wasting those precious moments? We blame our anxiety that we do not know how to make new friends. We blame our environment when we miss another reachable opportunity. We search for every possible excuse when there is a failure. We blame society for all the difficulties that they may or may not create.

But then again, who is the one to blame? Is it just us because we are weak and ignorant? Or the broken world itself?

When we realized this fact, we started treasuring the now. Guess what? We came off too strong and genuine because we appreciate every little thing and person. The world is not ready for kindness and friendliness apparently.

Personally, I blame both myself and this broken society. This universe is not entirely disgusting nor entirely a butterfly and rainbow. It is a mixture of both and that is life. I have a love-hate relationship with this life. As years go by, I no longer know how to interact with humans, react to what is happening, and comprehend how I feel about things in general. These, I blame no one for as I don’t know.

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