I might have woken up this morning on the wrong side of my bed. Probably. They said a dream is just a message of your unconscious thought. Then, what have I been keeping locked away? Worries? Nervousness? Fears? I wouldn’t know nor understand.

It is just one of those gloomy days even though nothing has gone wrong. Just yet. They said that even when you don’t feel the best, just smile. It will turn the day around somehow. By projecting positivity out into the world, it will bounce right back at you. I did try, but still, it is so so difficult to be happy.

You want to talk about it, but you also don’t want to annoy people with your messed up head. How ridiculous is it to feel down right after you woke up? The person who popped up the moment you feel down is where your home is. Don’t get me started. They don’t care. No connection, so don’t even try. Stay in the cocoon of yours. Don’t! I am warning you. Don’t be stupid again. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Or maybe thrice. Just no.

Everybody has a down in the dump day for no reason at all. It’s fine. It’s normal. It will get better eventually. You will be good soon.

Take some time off. If you don’t feel like talking, it is acceptable as well. No one can understand. Although it sucks because when you feel like putting everything aside and just be in your own little world and you can’t. You still have a full day of work and responsibility that requires attention to details. It’s impossible to leave everything behind and just venture into your quiet bubble for awhile or otherwise, you will fail in your professional life. Still need those things to survive huh?

It can be daunting to see other people have their charger and there’s you who have to pick your little self back up on your own.

The young lady has been putting on a fake smile and plastic hyper energy to the point it is so realistic and no one notices.

Whatever! It just means she is that strong.

Keeping it all to herself still in the end.