Identity Crisis

Understanding yourself is probably the most difficult mission to achieve in our lifetime. And if you sit down and think about it, you might go insane. Therefore, it is not an option to figure out who we really are.

Upon having time to myself and focusing on me for the first time since birth (lol), I may or may not learn a few things in confusion among everything. By trying to break the routine and almost entirely changing everything I could about myself, I discovered how much I am capable of handling and facing.

Starting with the appearance which I would like to discuss today. I like fashion. Most females do. I like dressing up whenever I go out and about. However, what is my style? I like clean-cut, girly, classy, comfortable, and everything; so I guess I am picky, but not that picky at the same time. I also like my PJs so much when I am at home. That makes my style is a comfortable style then? Okay, I like quality clothes. They are soft and good-looking. Flattering on your body and not itchy. See what I mean when I said understanding yourself is ridiculously hard? Back at home, I never try to dress up much because I am afraid of judgment from others. There is an unspoken rule that classifies everyone on their social status based on their clothes. I always feel like I am not enough to dress well. (Lack of confidence be like) Although here I am a year later of building myself up from scratch, I see progress. Occasionally, I dress over the top to college (things I’ve never done before is over the top to me), I do feel a little awkward but it is bearable. Telling myself that others’ opinions don’t matter, just be me and ignore the world. If you want to wear a tank top, blouse, skirt, miniskirt, dress, or whatever you want to wear, just do it. Feeling casual, dress casual. Feeling like a little formal, then put on that secretary skirt of yours. Feeling girly, wear that dress you bought. Want to wear makeup to school, but you think other girls are better at applying eyeshadow than you? Who cares? Wanna rock that new scent you just got, then why not?


(Girl, I love sweatpants and I am trying to gain weight lol)

At the end of the day, you are not obliged to please anyone but yourself. There will be hardships, failure, embarrassment on that journey to figure out who you are, what you like, what you want and those moments are what made you who you are. Be daring to try new things. Confidence is not what you gain in a day or a week. If you feel like lost and don’t know who you are anymore, you might be on the right track. It is confusing and exhausting. I promise you I have been there. I don’t even think I am me. Yes, the today me who feels confident for the first time in my life. The me, who is so charismatic. 🙂

Good luck on your journey!

I am here for you as a friend.


                              (Greeting from the country of fashion and beauty)

Talk to you next Monday! xoxo

I am sorry I can’t be active on all my social media platform. xx

Love you  ❤

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