A Place called, “Home”

By the time you’re reading this, I am far, far away from home. What I’ve been hinting on some of my recent blog posts is that I am going on an exchange program to South Korea. No, not Seoul. Pretty close to Seoul, I suppose. It’s an hour away from the famous city. I am currently at Daejeon.

Why do you have to throw me to the unknown and uncomfortable journey again, universe? Right when I just rekindled with my family. Well, it’s not that serious as I make it sounds to be. I think it is only this year that I am getting closer with them than ever before. I have learnt so much after moving out and I feel like a brand new person. I am not sure though because understanding ourselves is probably the hardest thing in this entire world. We think we know who we are, but somehow one way or another; we stumbled upon a new us than we had never known about. Human is a socializing creature and that is one thing for sure. No matter how much of a shy or introverted person you think you are, at some point you crave social interaction. Maybe that is why we were born from another human being as it created a strong connection instantly. It could be the reason why we have family, related by blood or not.

Home has never been a spot. A house is a place, but not a home. You might have a feeling for a building you used to live in, a town you grew up in, a country that represents your nationality, but never a home they can be. Home has a heartbeat. Have you ever met someone and always feel like home when you are together? I can tell you it is the most pleasant feeling ever that cannot be measured. However, never make a home out of someone as when they leave, you will be left empty. Make a home out of yourself. You are all you have in this lifetime. I am not here to convince you what to do since everyone has their own point of view. If you have a caring and loving family, treasure them. We might not have a choice to pick which family we want to be born in, but Gods will never want you to suffer. Thus, look further. Blood does run deep and is thick. I am lucky enough to have a roof to shelter. When we are miles away from our blood, we could feel homesick. We miss the people there and not so much the town. In addition, that is why home is a person. No matter how long the distance is, love is bigger. A strong home. ❤

Talk to you guys tomorrow maybe because I have a lot to update! ❤ :*

Thank you for sharing so much love with me even though I have been MIA for a really long time!~

Laptop problem.. 😦

Love you! xoxo


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

(View from my dormitory on my first day here in Daejeon)

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