Breakfast Ideas for College Students

After a year of being a college kid, I do have a decent understanding of what “adulting” is like. I know that I am fairly young to state the word out loud, but hey let me have my moment for a short while. Let’s not even label “college student” because nowadays everyone tends to miss breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. Mate, no matter how busy your life is, take some time to sit down and consume your protein in order to function properly throughout the day.

Here are some of the collective nutritious food for you all out there. Oh and by the way, I don’t have any decent looking photos because I had this idea for a while back. I did take some photos of the food for this blog post specifically on my old phone, but it is broken and I didn’t get to back up anything at all. So, I apologize and enjoy I guess?

  1. Fruit pancake


2. Spaghetti or Pasta (Meatball or chicken piccata)

3. Cream cheese bagel or plain bagel

4. Croissant

5. Crêpe


6. Fruit Yogurt


7. Hot dog


8. Doughnut


(Yes, I kept this screenshot on purpose. First, I’m lazy to crop the photo again. Second, follow me on Instagram if you haven’t. Yep, shameless self-promote. I’ll take myself out now, excuse me.)

9. Ham and cheese sandwich

10. Buns or any bread you love

Bonus: This is my morning “routine”; how to save money as a college student. I usually have leftover dinner as breakfast so I can save a few bucks to grab an unnecessary cup of coffee. I don’t know it’s like my way of unwinding in order to get a great start before my early class begins. Sitting down at a cafe all by myself is really soothing for me. Or sometimes I ran into a cute boy which leads to a much better start. 😛 Okay, let’s be real. It’s a rare occasion. But it did happen and that’s all that is count. However, it did give me a productive and fresh start. (:

P.S. I wanted this post to be a professional looking one, but it didn’t go as plan. My phone that contained the photo of food is broken and all data is lost. While editing, my laptop was crashed and oh boy I had to rewrite (not in the mood to do so). The reason I still put this up? Not that I don’t care, but coming soon of why.

TTYL! xoxo


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