Embrace the unknown

It’s always hectic. It’s always a rollercoaster ride. It’s weird, exciting, heartbreaking, colorful, and all that jazz. You never know what is up ahead. When it seems stable, there it goes again; another journey starts. Another new beginning. Although one thing is certain, it is going to be surprisingly well-fitted. The puzzle will be put together and you will understand what was going on back then.

Occasionally, it is not what you wanted and instead, it is a lot better. Your mind will demand some time to process the ups and downs journey until it comes to conclusion that, “Oh okay, I enjoy this ending. It’s not what I expected, but I kind of like it here.”

Train yourself to embrace the change. It’s not as scary as you think it is. It is not that horrible as your mind tricks you. The only thing that is constant in this world is change. Every day is the never the same. Everything is going to be different in a matter of second. You are not who you were a year ago or even yesterday.

Remember in one of my blog which I talked about embarking on a new journey and trying different things that are out of your comfort zone? It will take you places. We all know that life is short, so do as much as you are capable of. When you are exhausted, you can always take a step back and relax. However, remember not to admit defeat. You can cry. You can vent. You can complain. You can crawl back into your shell for a moment, but never ever stop entirely and throw the towel. I personally witness and experience the confusing reality of pushing myself and putting myself out there to see the outcome. I can say it is all worth it even though I don’t understand anything one bit. I just follow my intuition because something feels right and may be wrong simultaneously. One thing for sure is that I’d rather have all these mystery pieces to put all together and wonder what it all means than living the same routine for the past 8 months. I’ve met a lot of people and gotten to discover myself more and more each and every day. I’ve done something and I’m grateful for doing so. Things are progressing slowly and as impatient as I usually am, I’m looking forward to seeing when it all makes sense.

I apologize for being MIA, but I’ll explain in my next blog post all about it if you’re interested. Thank you for being patient with me. ❤

See you on Monday perhaps! xoxo


One thought on “Embrace the unknown

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