Dealing with Haters

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You are at school. You are at work. You are at a social event. Oh no, some people don’t like you. You don’t understand why. What did you do wrong? Is it the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you behave or something? You feel uncomfortable and it is really bugging you.

No. Nope. Stop it! Stop that train of thoughts for a moment! Ask yourself this, “Why do you care?” It is not your obligation to please every single person. Most of the time, it is not you that is the problem. It’s them. You don’t go around and hate people for no reason. Okay, maybe there is a reason. Maybe you really are a butthole. Could be? Or maybe they are jealous. They feel threatened by you. Maybe you have something that they don’t.

Allow me to tell you some tangle and mess- up scenarios.

You are doing well for yourself. You are content and surrounded with love and support. You don’t have time to take notice of anything outside your radiant circle and that is when you are going to have haters. My mother passed this down to me recently that, “Nobody is ever truly delighted for your success.” That is very well true. You never know what anyone’s agenda is. They could be approaching you just for their own benefit, but that’s okay. It is naive of you if you indeed trust anybody 100%. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be fake as well. Still be yourself, but cautious. Only give away 70%-80% at most. This does not mean you are selfish or weird or anything at all. You only protect yourself because you love yourself. You hater could be your best friend at the moment. Everybody wakes up with different feeling every day. And, that is the most dangerous of the kind.

Another hater is just a pure stupid one. I know that sounds harsh and I apologize for it, but is there any other way to put it a little bit nicer? They see you and they immediately judge you and hate you. Simple. Most of these people are deep down insecure about themselves. They may seem all put together on the outside, but if you are that confident, you will not diss someone just to feel better about yourself. Be open-minded then, maybe? The worst that this kind of people could do is spreading rumors about you so more of their kind would join in on the “fun”. Before you know it, well those who don’t know you are going to suddenly turn their back on you and jump into conclusion. It is going to be difficult, to be honest. Living with hate that you don’t deserve can be too much to handle sometimes, but hey there is always a silver lining.

You learn who you can trust and befriended. At the end of the day, someone is going to be rational enough and have some humanity in them. You’ll see who protect your name behind your back in the pool of hatred. Maybe some hate is harder to deal with than the others. Some are serious because you never know how much of a destruction one person can cause. That is the ugly part of reality that every single one of us is going to go through one way or another at some point in life in order to grow. Haters will have their own haters, too. If a friendship is built out of sobber, it is shaky until one day it is shambled and collapsed.

To those who are going through this kind of thing, please keep in mind that it is not the end of the world. If someone does not have any hater at all in their life, they are doing it wrong. No matter who you are and what you are doing, somebody is still going to despise you for it. You might have a majority of lovers, but those who are sour will just remain sour no matter what. It is that simple, and please try not to complicate and dwell on it too much. People are going to be people still. What you can do is not giving them any of your attention. Ignore them. Don’t acknowledge them. Before you know it, you’re going to burst into laughter because they are so full of hate that they explode since you don’t care about them and they can’t bother you. Some may say to give them love because hate is caused by the lack of love deep down inside, but my logic is to not waste my energy on any of them. If they want to be saved, they will give the signal. I will think about it when they approach me, but as long as they stay behind my back, they are going to be there for a long, long time. Or unless they cross the boundary, I will give them a tiny bit of my attention. Another tip on how to deal with haters is to remain as calm as possible. Stay classy and professional. Show no weakness. Be humble and don’t roar back unless it is necessary. Your next move is silence. It is going to drive them crazy. And no, don’t curse at them. Be yourself always. ❤

“Above and beyond we are.”

P.S. I apologize for not posting yesterday because I was sick and it is a busy time for me at the moment. Talk to you on Monday next week perhaps! Lots of love. ❤ xoxo


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