Growing up & Finding self

2018 has been an eventful year. The rollercoaster is still ongoing since the end of 2017. How many times have I blurted out, “I’m so confused? What is going on? Am I going in the right direction this time around?” Please tell me I’m not the only one. Can anyone relate to this? Talk about hectic! I still want to keep this place with only positivity as that is what I really need in my life at the moment. LOL!

Now, where shall I begin before I go further off topic?

I’ve been challenging myself since the beginning of this year. I’ve been trying to do whatever crazy things that I never thought my younger self would hop on to for dear life. As an introvert or that’s how I like to label myself, I hate being in the spotlight or talk to anyone first. I didn’t think I could ever volunteer in anything or participate in any event such like charity. Anywhere crowded, I definitely would avoid as much as possible. Making friends is like mission impossible. I still struggle with that problem by the way. Basically, I was just a typical introvert. However, here I am working on those things I would never imagine I could. This morning, I just volunteered helping my college out around the campus. I led a group of high school students finding their way around my school and introducing them to the facility and service that we have here. It’s like college tour if that makes any sense. Is there such thing from where you guys are from or it’s just my country? Anyway, a few months ago I also joined the charity event which was held by one of the local colleges here. Again, something I thought I would never do! I helped my friend with his booth or at least I wish I was quite helpful because I was pretty clumsy and spilled drinks at first hand before I was actually used to it. An actual skill I learned from that day beside communication. Okay, maybe not. The last big thing I’m proud of myself is participating in another charity event and staying for the concert! Not a big concert or anything. But hey, my very first concert. Yay! 😀 I don’t want to ramble too much about myself and make this blog post all about me, so what I’m trying to say is stepping outside of my comfort zone really change me for the better. From what I can tell right now is that I am able to talk to people more easily and not just put my head down all the time and avoid contact with any human being in any way possible. I’m not saying that being an introvert is a bad thing. I enjoy being in my shell still. However, as you grow up, you really need that communication skill, especially as an adult who needs to work. (Unless, you’re a princess.) Plus, it’s not all about social skill. I think I regain my confident a little bit. I used to have an extremely low self-esteem from my past experience which I will not talk about. Overall, it challenges you as a person and develops yourself. I can tell you that I am more delighted each day. It’s just all those little things and moments do matter indeed, you know. It’s not an instant result. It gradually improves every single day. 🙂

I hope my message reaches you.

Have a nice day onward and do something different each day. xx


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