The Ideal Girl

“Being a girl is difficult.” This very sentence has been around for so long and is very debatable. However, I can only say that it is only getting harder for us with time. The influence of social media, the society we brought up in, culture, and other factors shape our concept of this perfection. That we should have this perfect body, skin tone, attitude, personality, intelligent. I am sure guys have their own pressure as well, but at this moment I’m focusing on females.

For the longest time, I’ve been chasing the illusion of perfection.

Maybe everybody has their own meaning of their ideal self. Although it is disheartening because they don’t exist at all.

The perfect body? Remember the time when being skinny or slim was a trend? Somehow in these days and age, being curvy is a thing now. That’s just my opinion anyway. It’s so easy to upset ourselves that we do not need anybody to body shame us. With one swipe on our smartphone and seeing all these beautiful models on Instagram, we can have a meltdown in an instant. This couldn’t get any worse, could it? Unfortunately, yes. We are judged not only for our beauty, intelligence, but also wealth. It is a struggle to fit in and make friends. People are so focused on materialistic things in the modern society. You have to be alluring, fashionable, and internet famous. How do you do that? By owning branded clothes and driving, um…perhaps Audi or BMW.

Let’s talk about school.

Who in the world out there created the category of different kinds of students? Okay, maybe I’m not making much sense right now. I’m not sure how to put these into words either. Ever heard of popular girl? Nerd? Geek? From a girl perspective, it shoots down our self-esteem fast. Maybe I’m not in the position to say this as I was once quite the center of attention. Not anymore I think. But, why categorized us? Does it matter who is the prettiest in school or class? Who has the face, body, and brain? People, I’m sure we all have our insecurities. To look at someone and think, “Wow, she’s very hot and she’s the smartest in class, too.” Boy oh boy, even if we don’t care; There are days when we just woke up and not feeling ourselves. That very thought could murder us on one of those days. Last but not least, the mean girls. I don’t understand them at all. Why gossip? Why judge? Why are you being mean? Girls should look out for each other. Whether it is jealousy or pure hatred, go and fix yourself. Reevaluate yourself. There is something wrong with you. There is no individual on this planet who hurt others for no reason. Unless you’re a psycho. And to those who are being bullied, you are gorgeous. Do not let those mean words get to you.

There is one last thing I want to discuss.

To the one who is left and replaced,

There is no single thing about you that is not enough. You are perfectly imperfect. Your flaws are beautiful to somebody out there. Your quirks are adorable. Those scars are not ugly. Don’t ever feel any less just because that one person doesn’t appreciate you. You are the rainbow and sunshine for the one who has seen your worst and never leaves. You are magical. Maybe there is no such thing as a perfect person, but to someone out there you are the definition of an ideal girl. Do not give up because there is something worth waiting for. It may not happen right away. It may seem impossible right now, but keep going and believe in your self. Have faith in God that he already has something marvelous plan for you and you deserve nothing less. For now, embrace the good and the bad for you are the strongest being. ❤

Girl Power! xxx

Share what you are up to in the comment below! I’d love to know. 🙂

P.S. That is me right there. Imperfect, but is still learning to embrace my own flaws. 🙂

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