A Self-reminder

We’re almost halfway through 2018 and it’s crazy if you ask me. Does anyone still work on their new year resolution? It’s a hectic world we are in, so it’s okay to lose track of something in the process. Although there are a few things I will not tolerate.

  1. We are all human, so we should know that we are not a mind-reader. We would not know what you are thinking about if you won’t tell us. Your actions and words should match, so maybe we didn’t notice the red flag you’re giving away.
  2. Another thing is to never jump into conclusion and fall easily for anyone unless the other party feels the same. Just because you are lonely or heartbroken doesn’t give you the right to feel anything toward the healer. Sometimes, they are just being nice. They don’t mean to awake your love. Learn to control your emotion unless you want to be broken again.
  3. You must learn the boundary. Analyze your feeling because occasionally it is not what you think it is. Your mind can play tricks on you. You don’t want to hurt others nor yourself. Don’t ever dive right in within the heat of the moment or you will regret everything later.
  4. If they want you, they will let you know. There is no question or confusion. The cheesy quote on the internet can be right, too. “Actions always speak louder than words.” If they make you feel unwanted, chances are they really don’t. Walk away fast and draw the line there.

You know what, ladies? Your goal should be to be the best version of yourself and focus on enhancing yourself as a person. Keep hustling all day and every day. The more effort you put in, the more of those fruit of labors you get to enjoy. Be the classy woman that man will come crawling to you as you are so perfect and dreamy. You ought to feel beautiful and powerful for those who let you go or see pass right through you will regret later on in life. Don’t dwell on those boys just yet. You have a more important mission in life.


The one who cares


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