Turning 18: Things I learned​

It is still 40 minutes away before I turned 18. To be honest, I am not excited. Not because I am scared of getting older or being responsible or anything; I will talk about it one day, but for now I want to keep things as positive as I possibly can. Life has taken a toll on me as long as I could remember. Here are the 18 things I have learned one way or another:

  1. Nothing lasts forever. Not even the worst thing. – excerpt from Girl Online
  2. Some people are not meant to stay in our life no matter how much we want them to.
  3. Enjoy the moment while it lasts.
  4. Treasure the people who have been there for you from the beginning.
  5. The universe has its own way of healing your wound for what it put you through. You might notice this in the form of new encounter or rekindling with people whom you least expected to come.
  6. Have faith in God for he will always lead you to where you are supposed to be.
  7. Reward yourself when everything does not go right because you are strong for fighting in this fast-paced and cruel world.
  8. Education is vital. Study hard and enjoy your fruit of labor later on in life.
  9. Go out and take yourself on a date. You are not a loser for being alone. If anything, you are the strongest one out there for you do not need anyone’s company to feel content.
  10. Sometimes, shutting down all your social media is necessary to recharge your energy.
  11. Read more books as it will take you to another universe and expand your horizon. It is the best therapy for heartbreak and sadness.
  12. It is okay to break down and cry. Release all the pain you’ve been holding onto is necessary to move on.
  13. Surround yourself with people who are good for your mental health. It is scary to open up again when you’ve been betrayed multiple times in the past, but you can’t isolate yourself forever.
  14. Try something new. Life is short. Do the things you thought you would never hop on to. Trust me, it will make a good memory to look back onto.
  15. Cut off those toxic people in your life. You don’t need them ever.
  16. Journal is the best when it comes to organizing your thoughts and life in general. If anything, it improves your management skill at the same time.
  17. You are still young. It is okay to not have it all figured out.
  18. Love yourself. Do things that increase your daily happiness. ❤

For the past months, I signed up for a lot of subscriptions and I get sent a lot of emails every day. One that stood out to me the most recently is from a Numerology site. The reason I’m talking about this email is that it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. She said that we must learn to trust that we are not too much of anything if we want to truly explore who we are and accept ourselves. There are many more things she said that inspire me a lot, but it will be about 5 pages long to talk about. Therefore, I’m going to end it here for now.

Happy Birthday to me! And, happy birthday to those who share the same birthdate as me! xxx

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